Design Tip: Recurring Themes

Okay guys, you’ve been asking for tips to design your spaces, so I’m going to share a handful of design tips in this series. Trust me, anyone can make these simple upgrades to their home. If you implement this first tip in your home, it will instantly elevate your space and show that thought was given to the design decisions.


This could be a colour, a pattern, a material, a shape… almost anything really. Check out these examples.

These wire Bertoia Diamond Chairs were the the inspiration for the pattern that was repeated throughout this space. I’m a huge fan of mixing metals, and this is one way to pull it off easily – keep the same pattern, but switch up the finish – and voila!

Here’s a recurring theme of using black as an accent.

The next time you’re browsing Pinterest or Instagram and you see a room that stops you in your scroll, take a moment and see if you can spot recurring themes!


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