Insecure. Afraid. Ugly. Alone. I know how it feels. Never measuring up, never being good enough, pretty enough, smart enough or popular enough. There’s aways someone else whose life seems perfect in comparison to your own right?

What if we’re all on the same journey, trying to figure life out? What if the very insecurities that are propelling me, the ugly duckling, are the same ones puffing up the Top Model in the room? What if I could stop worrying about other people’s issues, and the causes of their actions, and simply focus on becoming whole, strong, secure and confident, myself?

Knowing I am loved has changed everything. From embracing my own style, in spite of the trends, and wearing what I love with confidence, to tackling a looming fear, or developing habits for greater productivity at work and at home. Being free to be ME has been the best decision ever! And I am fully convinced that embracing authenticity will be life-changing for you too!

You are valuable. You are beautiful. You are loved.