Home Decor With Meaning

Recently we gave our girls’ bedrooms makeovers. They are each in new seasons of life and their “little girl” rooms needed to be updated to reflect the young women they are growing into. We had a blast determining the styles, colours, furniture and accessories that they wanted to include in their new rooms. Isabella, our … Continue reading Home Decor With Meaning

Before and After IKEA Kitchen

Guys! Wait till you see this before and after. We took an outdated, off-centred kitchen and updated it, opened it up (slightly), and made it light and bright. And, we used IKEA cupboards for this design. IKEA has some pretty great kitchen options and this update really highlights it. If you like a white, bright … Continue reading Before and After IKEA Kitchen

5 FREE Home Decor Ideas

I get it. You want a beautiful, inviting space that reflects you and your tastes, but you have a budget of $0. Been there, done that, still live that way for the most part. But just because you don’t have the ability to invest in your home, doesn’t mean it can’t be a space that … Continue reading 5 FREE Home Decor Ideas