The Power of Authenticity: Rejecting the Influence of Influencers

In today’s world of social media and Influencers, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid the constant barrage of product promotions and recommendations. Influencer marketing can be incredibly effective at convincing consumers to make purchases. I follow a handful of Influencers who’s recommendations I trust, and I am more than happy to support them by using … Continue reading The Power of Authenticity: Rejecting the Influence of Influencers

Italy Capsule

Making the move from Malaysia to Italy meant making a move to a colder climate. We were living in 28C-32C degree weather for three months and then relocated to Tuscany where the temps range from 6C-15C. Don’t get me wrong, 6 degrees is still MUCH better than the below freezing temps I’m used to enduring … Continue reading Italy Capsule

Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Over on Instagram we’ve been chatting about intentionally building a wardrobe – not just copying what others are doing or what is “in style”, but learning about what style you love, and curating a wardrobe around that. Imagine a closet filled with clothes that you love, and look & feel great in? That’s the goal. … Continue reading Spring Capsule Wardrobe