Cambodia Photo Album

I still can’t believe that our family was able to go to Cambodia! What an incredible blessing.


Partnering with New Life Cambodia was a wonderful experience that opened doors for us to have a variety of experiences. Previously I shared a highlight reel from our trip, so today I want to share some of our favourite photos. Unfortunately, the majority of them are in portrait mode, since they were used on my Instagram Stories.

The main focus of our trip was connecting with the Cambodia people, both those who are connected with New Life, like the students in their school, English classes and internship program, and those who aren’t – those in the community and neighbouring villages.

We were also part of a team that held two medical missions in villages where healthcare is unavailable.

Jeff and I had the opportunity to speak at a seminar for young people, called Finding True Love. What a fitting topic for me!!! Of course, I brought our #IAMLOVED hats to use as giveaways. Guys, I am in awe that my story of brokenness and reception was shared on the other side of the world! I shared on the first evening and Jeff shared on the second and 7 people prayed to receive the Lord. Isn’t that amazing?!

We also did some sight seeing. We flew to Siem Reap and visited some temples including Ankor Watt.

At one of the temples, we stumbled across a rock that the corner had been worn out over the 800+ years it has been on the site. Out of all of the ground that we covered that day, and all of the temples that we visited, and all of the rocks that we saw, I happened to stumble across this rock…


Just another way God show showed me that I am loved.



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