You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are loved.

These words are more than a life mantra, they are the driving force behind why I show up online in the first place. I truly believe that YOU, yes you, were created beautifully, that your life has value and that you are loved more magnificently than you realize. You’re the reason I create free stuff.

I want you to embrace who you were created to be and to live your life to the fullest. I’ve created a few free resources for you in hopes that they will inspire, equip and help you in this journey of life. Here’s what I’ve created for you so far…

The Almost Minimalist #40hangercloset

This guide is designed to get you thinking about your current wardrobe differently than you might at present, answer thought-provoking questions that reveal what your drawn to when it comes to fashion, and discover more about your own personal sense of style.

Learning to Love | email course

Want to become the confident woman you’ve always dreamed of? Join me for a 21-day journey learning to love the incredible woman you were created to be.


#IAMLOVED Productivity Planner

Whether you’re looking for an efficient planner to help you plan out your week, or if you are a blogger or online content creator who needs some extra help planning for blog posts, giveaways and social media strategies, then get this planner working for you!

Prayer Journal

If you are wanting to bring some intentional, hope-filled prayers into your family, situation, season of life, or (insert other example here), then this journal may be the very thing you need!