My Prayer Journal

Have you ever seen the movie War Room? It’s a Christian film that shows the power of prayer, as demonstrated by the most lovely elderly woman, Clara. Say what you will about Christian films, storylines or actors… enveloped in many popular Christian movies is an anointed message that has the power to transform lives. A … Continue reading My Prayer Journal

Highlights from Cambodia

Recently, our family joined 13 other people and went on a 2 week trip to Cambodia. The purpose of the trip was to join up with New Life Fellowship, a church in Phenom Penh with a vision starting 500 churches by the year 2020. We partnered with them to do a variety of different tasks. … Continue reading Highlights from Cambodia

Debt…My Ball and Chain

Written by: Char Groen Debt, the place I never intended to go to but somehow I ended up there. There were many reasons that contributed to it but in the end, it’s still debt. Underemployment, unexpected expenses, lending money on my credit to others (Take my advice: NEVER do that!!), and poor money management were … Continue reading Debt…My Ball and Chain