Fall Capsule Wardrobe

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One of the pieces of feedback I’ve heard repeatedly is that a smaller wardrobe sounds challenging because people like variety. I totally get that! But just because you lack options doesn’t mean you lack variety if the items are well-chosen. So I thought I’d share what a seasonal capsule wardrobe could look like. Imagine curating a smaller collection of items that work harmoniously and provide dozens of outfit options for one season? That would make getting ready each morning a LOT easier.

Today I’m sharing my 2021 Fall Capsule Wardrobe, complete with some ways these items can be paired together to create multiple looks.

You can download this below to use it as a template for creating your own fall capsule wardrobe.

By selecting a harmonious colour palette, practically every item matches with each other! Not only does this help to create a variety of looks using minimal pieces, but by swapping out footwear and outerwear you can create completely different styles using the very same items of clothing.

The majority of the items in this Capsule are actually the items I already own. I couldn’t find the exact images of some of the pieces, so I’ve selected a similar item. You guys, this is SUCH a fantastic way to build a wardrobe! You’ll see there are 18 sample outfits but if you take a peek at the items, there could easily be enough variety to create a different look for every weekday for over a month!

Check out these 6 outfit examples.

In addition to including my own Fall Capsule, I’ve included another sample capsule wardrobe and have included images of multiple ways to style specific pieces as well as tips on how to use your layering pieces effectively. I hope it helps spark your imagination about the endless possibilities you can create with your own capsule wardrobe.

If you want to try to create a fall capsule wardrobe here are a few things to consider:

  • Select a harmonious colour palette. Even if you adore lots of colour and don’t want to stick to neutral tones, find a palette that works well together so that you have the most opportunity to mix and match pieces to create new looks.
  • Combine Basics, Trends and Statement Pieces to keep the wardrobe from being overly boring. As a quick refresher, Basics are your go-to items that provide a foundation to your outfit. They are often classic, but they absolutely could be fun, bright, and totally outside of the “norm”, just be sure they play well with other items. Trends are what’s “in style” currently. I recommend staying way from buying expensive trends, but buying a new cut of jean, for example, can totally freshen up your whole look. And finally, Statement Pieces are items you wear that might be a bit out of your typical comfort zone. They are fun, and infuse some personality into your selection for those days when you just want to be a little more bold.
  • Add layering pieces. By having some options of different layering pieces to choose from you can completely update the look of your outfit, plus be ready for the cool autumn air.
  • Consider versatile footwear. Swapping out a casual shoe for something a little more polished can elevate the look of a casual outfit with ease. On the flip side, a dressier outfit can be dressed down with a more casual shoe option too.

I hope this helps and inspires you to be a little bit creative with you fall wardrobe this season! Please remember, fashion is personal. It’s an expression of you and who you want to be – so don’t just copy what you see someone else do because it looks good on them. Do the work to figure out what truly makes you feel the most like you and wear it with confidence!


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