Making A Small Bedroom Feel Luxurious


Many of us have smaller sized bedrooms. And when I say small, unlike Pinterest’s definition of a “small master bedroom”, I actually mean small. For example, this space is approximately 12’x10′. Not exactly a spacious room for two adults to share. However, there’s a few things to consider to achieve a luxe feel, even in a tiny space.

  • Layering Textures

A cotton-linen blend duvet cover, an embossed lightweight quilt, faux fur pillows, quilted curtain panels paired with linen-y sheers… layering texture adds visual interest and creates a cozy, luxurious vibe.

  • Monochromatic Colour Scheme

In this space, we stuck to a cohesive colour palette for the main pieces. The homeowner’s favourite colour is purple, and her husband didn’t exactly want his bedroom to be too feminine, so we used a purple infused grey for the wall colour, curtain panels, and accent bed linens, then punctuated it with navy blue. The result is a soothing space, that doesn’t read overly feminine.

  • Scaled To Size

The homeowners already owned a low, platform King Size bed. Although this leaves a lesser amount of space for side tables, the low profile, made the smaller-scale side tables work. We kept the low vibe, by purchasing smaller-scale bedside lamps as well. However,  to match the grand scale of the bed in a smaller space, we hung oversized artwork above the headboard, and brought in a reading chair whose scale coordinated with the king size bed. (Okay, full disclosure… I completely mis-measured this chair, and was expecting something much smaller to arrive. So let’s just say I stumbled on this tip accidentally.)

  • Use A Mirror

Probably the oldest trick in the book for making a small space feel larger, but that’s because it works. This full length mirror is both functional, and tricks the eye into thinking the bedroom is larger than it is.

  • Utilize Closet Space

What you won’t see in these pictures is any furniture designed to store clothes. There are two closets attached to this room that store everything that would typically be in dresser drawers and hanging up. Guys, inexpensive wire closet organizers, are the perfect solution for small spaces on a budget.


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