Design Tip: Baskets

I’m always on the hunt for a good basket. For years, each time I visited a thrift store I’d search the shelves looking for baskets that can be mounted on the wall. On our recent trip to Cambodia, I had one thing on my list of items to look for at the market. Baskets! I was thrilled when I found these handmade beauties.


Baskets can be used on shelves, tables, countertops, and hung on walls to bring in texture and interest without adding lots of colour. In this case, the colours I selected, mirrored the natural wood tones already used in our space.

I stacked two together to create some dimension and simply nailed them through the centre to the wall. Super easy! And remember the post about recurring themes? I added a smaller basket to the shelves to reproduce the same texture in a different area of the room. (And it’s a great place to hid smaller items like chargers and phone cases that need a home.)



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