Tips For Buying Boyfriend Jeans

Ever find a pair of jeans that you absolutely LOVE? Me too! (lots!)

But it hit me the other day, that these boyfriend Jeans have become my go-to favourite pair of jeans. I bought these on my first trip to Hawaii a few years ago, at Armani Exchange. They’ve been worn hundreds of times and washed over and over again. Dressed up or down, these jeans are comfy, flattering and stylish.


So the next time you’re looking for some boyfriend jeans, consider these tips.

  • Fabric Blend

Okay, so I say this often, but guys, discovering the fabric blend that feels most comfortable and holds up between washes well is a game changer when it comes to great denim. You don’t want your boyfriend jeans to be too cozy soft stretchy, or too stiff and starchy. Find your blend! You’ll be glad you did!

  • Loose Fit

Just because jeans have distressing or rips on them, doesn’t mean they are boyfriend jeans (no matter how they may be marketed). A true pair of boyfriend jeans will be slightly oversized – like the name suggests – they fit as if you slipped into your man’s jeans. (that is assuming he’s just ever so slightly bigger than you… but you get the point.)

  • Mid-ish Rise

Your man wouldn’t be wearing high-waisted mom jeans. Nor would he be wearing jeans with a 1″ fly (oh gosh, I sure hope not anyway!). Comfy boyfriend jeans will have a bit of a higher rise. Remember though, they are slightly oversized so they may hang lower on your hips, giving the illusion that they are a lower rise jean.

  • Room to Spare

Just embrace it, ladies. Part of the glorious fit of these jeans is that they are baggy around your bottom and crotch. (My mom calls pants that sag in the bottom “take a dump pants.”) Hehe. These jeans are great for camouflaging those bloated days of the month, or times you’ve gained a few extra pounds.


Don’t buy these jeans to fit like a pair of your favourite Skinny Jeans, or you’ll miss out on the life-changing experience of owning a true pair of Boyfriend Jeans.

I hope this helps you find a fabulous fitting pair of Boyfriend Jeans!


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