4 Must-Have Items For Fall

The weather is shifting, the leaves are changing colour and ankle booties, scarves and jean jackets are resurfacing. The changing of the seasons is a great time to refresh what’s in your closet. For me, this involves packing away some of my summer items, and pulling out transitional pieces that can take me through this next season’s weather.

I love storing off season clothes out of sight, folded up in an ottoman at the foot of my bed. Sorting thorough my fall favourites, although many pieces older, and well-loved, still revives my closet and makes me look forward to getting ready each morning. Some pieces feel new, even though they’ve been a recurring item in my fall wardrobe for years.

My bloglovin’ feed is full of fashion blogs that are taking time to highlight the latest trends and to-die for items that one simply can’t live without for fall. Since running to my favourite stores to splurge on the latest and greatest isn’t often an option, I thought a more realistic, practical approach to the fall wardrobe might be appreciated by the “regular, everyday, common girl” – just like me.

Here’s my 4 “must haves” for fall.

  • A layering piece

Add a layer to your go-to work outfit, and suddenly, you feel like fall. This could be a sweater, denim or leather moto jacket, a bomber, blazer, scarf… you name it! Whatever feels most like you is your best bet. Here’s a faux leather jacket I picked up for $10 at the thrift store.

  • The perfect bag

My friends and I have a running joke about “all season” bags versus “summer / winter” bags. Whatever you fancy, throw that baby over your shoulder and know that not only are you graciously lugging all your necessities around, (necessities = kids toys and snacks, last week’s paid parking stub, a half-eaten package of nuts and some lip gloss!) but you look good while doing it!

The perfect bag isn’t the one that the fashion “it girl” wears, it’s whichever one is perfect for your budget, style and lifestyle. I love this soft burgundy purse I picked up at a little leather shop in Rome.

  • Cute shoes

Time to put away the summer sandals and strappy heels and cozy your feet into a fabulous pair of shoes. I’m totally digging these double zipped oxfords right now.


(Although, one thing I love to do, is to pull on a cozy sweater dress and pair it with some open toe heels to elongate their wear for just a few more weeks before the rain and snow deem those shoes impractical until next spring.)

  • Your SMILE

Cliche, maybe. Truth, definitely! Choose joy, in spite of what may be unravelling all around you, and let your smile brighten someone else’s day. Like the adorable singing little girls on the classic movie, Annie, sang, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”


Those are my 4 must haves for fall. What are yours? Comment below and share your fashion staples with us!


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  1. I love fall dressing…the richer colours and greater variety of textures…being able to layer clothing without it making us ladies “glow” too much… The smell and feel of real leather items and bigger, bold or strong simple jewelry…MY kind of cozy!

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