Seeing Through The Social Media Spotlight

Is it just me, or does seeing everyone’s highlight reel on Social Media sometimes mess with your head? The Instagram feed that boast images of abounding love, friendship and overflowing happiness, or the Facebook posts sharing a link to yet, ANOTHER home cooked, home made, hand crafted treasure of perfection. Or the jet setting blogger, who is travelling around the globe, to get just the right shot for their next post.

We’re all human, so I know darn well that those happy faces experience the same frustrating, hurt and sad emotions that I do too. They get tired, grumpy and hungry, and regardless of their online presence, they ain’t always dancing in rainbows and sunshine.

In addition to family, friends (be they real life or friendships developed online), church attenders and members of my local community, I intentionally follow people who are further ahead in life than I am. Men and women who are walking in aspects of the same dream that is in my heart for me and my family to live in. Most of whom I’ve never met. I follow them for the real life example they set for me, and for the inspiration that they provide me. However…

When inspiration turns to comparison, the results are ugly.

One day I’m all “She’s spectacular! Look at how hard she worked, and the favour that’s on her life.” The next, sad to say, I think, “Seriously? How did she get where she is? My kids could have done a better job at that.”

Comparing is pointless. Honestly. Celebrate the good in others and admire their success, learn what can be gleaned from someone further down the road. But let’s stop comparing someone’s highlight reel with our reality.

So, to all of the iamloved readers, here’s a commitment I am making, starting today:

  • I will not compare myself with you.
  • I will celebrate you on your journey.
  • I will honour what is good in you.
  • I will pray for your success.

There is more than enough room in this world for all of us to be successful and fulfill your dreams.


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