What Your Jewelry Says About Your Personal Style

If you could only wear a handful of your current accessories, which ones would they be? For some of you, that’s an impossible feat! Regardless of whether you are a minimalist, or have a separate jewelry wardrobe, chances are, a few specific pieces from your collection just came to mind – those favourite, go-to pieces that seem to look good with everything!


One of the ways we can refine our style, is by narrowing down why we like the accessories that we do.


Think about your favourite pieces…

  • What is that draws you to that piece?
  • Are there similarities between the pieces, or are they totally different?
  • Are they versatile, or do they work best with specific outfits?
My faves are yellow gold, with elongated diamond-shaped details.

Taking a few moments to reflect on questions like this, can bring a greater clarity and understanding to what makes your style preferences, yours.

Enjoy the journey of refining your unique style, and wear what you love with confidence!


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