GUEST POST: Rock of Love

Guest Post written by Patricia Hamilton:

While camping Labour day weekend 2013, I had walked down to the beach for some alone time. I was feeling out of sorts. I had let my mind be filled with lies, and I was doubting that God was even hearing me. Full of frustration, I started venting… praying for a word from God.

The beach is approximately two miles long and is covered in thousands of rocks of all sizes. I was walking along the shore when all of a sudden it felt like a wall was in front of me. Gently I heard a voice telling me to go back the way I had come from. I had just started walking down the beach and considering all that was on my heart to get out, I wasn’t ready to turn back so soon. Confused, I reluctantly turned around and headed back in the other direction asking, “God…what are you telling me?

Little did I know that in the midst of my doubting, the Lord had special gift waiting for me.

A few steps later I accidentally kicked a rock over as I walked, and I couldn’t believe what I saw! Written on the back of the rock were the words,

Smile you are loved!

God had me turn around so that He could speak directly to the questions and doubts that had been in my heart. He knew exactly what I needed. At that moment it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and this unbelievable joy and peace came into my heart… God, in four simple words had let me know He LOVES me! Every morning I look at this rock and know I am loved!

Patricia Hamilton

rock of love

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