Marisa Anderson


One of my passions is being a voice to share the heart of God to this generation. I believe God truly wants the world to know that He is for them, and is passionately pursuing them. Below are links to listen to some of my recent teachings. I pray you are blessed and encouraged by them!


Find Your Style
Since we’re getting dressed every day anyway, we might as well learn to present our most authentic self to the world around us – yes, even through our clothes. Real Women hosted an amazing fashion event where Marisa shared tips on how to discover and refine your personal style. 

I Am Loved
Listen as Marisa shares about her own encounter with the magnificent love of God.

Part 3 of a 4 week series on Worship done at Living Hope. In this message, Marisa leads the listener to encounter the Holy Spirit in a very personal way to discover what God wants to say to them.

Part 4 of a 4 week series on Worship done at Living Hope. Want access to the God of Heaven’s Armies? In this message, Marisa uses David as an illustration of the heart of a worshiper that God desires in each one of us. 

Living HOPE
Whatever the situation you are facing, however hopeless and devastating it appears, there is always hope. This message by Marisa is sure to be an encouragement to areas of hopelessness.

Here Comes The Bride
Believing that the church is God’s design and was His purpose from the beginning of time, Marisa shares her heart about the part we play in building up the Bride of Christ.

Bitter Water
Bitterness and unforgiveness are poisonous toxins that eat away at one’s soul. In this message, using her own life, and a story from the children of Israel as examples, Marisa shares how to break free from bitterness and gives insight on how to navigate life’s bitter situations without becoming bitter.


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