What Stole Your Joy?

Got off to a rough start in the morning, and find yourself rushing your family hastily out the door? Discovered a co-worker is slandering you behind your back? Your kids are demanding more of your mental and emotional capacity than you feel you have? Is a project you’re working on not going according to plan? … Continue reading What Stole Your Joy?

I’m Sorry For Judging You

Being judgemental comes naturally to me… very naturally. I’d like to think that the overload of “picture perfect” people that inundate my Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook feeds has contributed to this urge to point the finger, in a vain attempt to feel better about my own imperfect self. The insta-glam culture that surrounds me, although … Continue reading I’m Sorry For Judging You

My Thankfulness Project

I like things in their place. I like order. I like having a plan and executing it. But when things didn’t go according to my plan, I’d find my mind would be filled with negativity and doubt. In some cases it would become my focus for weeks, months, and (gasp!) even YEARS. I came face … Continue reading My Thankfulness Project