I Wished She Had Died Instead

Written by Char Groen What a horrible thing to think but it was the ugly truth buried inside years of a poor, seemingly non-existent relationship. At the age of 19, while away attending college, I received the devastating news that my dad died from a massive heart attack. Nothing could’ve prepared me for this loss; … Continue reading I Wished She Had Died Instead

The Truth About Lies

Written by Char Groen I’ll bet that you could easily rattle off several negative things that you’ve believed about yourself, if not now, then in your past. Those hurtful words that someone said, they stick like glue!!!  And that person who was ‘supposedly’ your friend rejected you.  That abuse, that one is huge!!!  Maybe you’ve … Continue reading The Truth About Lies

GUEST POST: More Than Words

GUEST POST Written By Amanda Guisseppi At the beginning of each year I always like to have a theme or word to focus my year on.   Last year it was ‘run,’ and the year before that ‘grace.’  This year it’s ‘love.’  But not just any love, a love that is tangible and can be seen by … Continue reading GUEST POST: More Than Words