A friend of mine, upon getting engaged, excitedly told me, “It’s a backyard garden reception… so wear a hat if you have one!” Well that settled it. However, I was leading worship at the ceremony that took place at our church, so I wanted to look a little more dressed up for that part. Enter the Little … Continue reading The LBD

A Wedding Fashion Show

Recently, upon arriving to a friend’s garden wedding reception, I was totally thrown off. Let me explain. When I walked up,  I was greeted by a beautiful, pristine white catwalk! A fashion show runway was ready and waiting to be strutted on! Okay fine, so it was the perfect entrance for a wedding party, Bride, Groom and guests… … Continue reading A Wedding Fashion Show

Clothes Shopping In Rome

This spring, while travelling in Italy (I still can’t even believe that’s me saying that!), I wandered in and out of what seemed to be countless adorable clothing shops. Many of the shop owners I spoke with in Rome had stories of being a second or third generation storeowner. Each had their own ideals of … Continue reading Clothes Shopping In Rome

A Day in Rome

So, I’m totally digging the whole running shoe look. This style was all through Paris this spring. Although, these pics were taken in Rome, where the look was nowhere to be found (well, besides on me that is)! Confidence to be myself is definitely a result of knowing how much…