Debt…My Ball and Chain

Written by: Char Groen Debt, the place I never intended to go to but somehow I ended up there. There were many reasons that contributed to it but in the end, it’s still debt. Underemployment, unexpected expenses, lending money on my credit to others (Take my advice: NEVER do that!!), and poor money management were … Continue reading Debt…My Ball and Chain

What 30 Days Of Positivity Taught Me

Recently I participated in a 30-day Negativity Fast. Essentially, for 30 days, those of us participating, intentionally focused on removing negative words from our daily lingo (i.e. self-doubt, highlighting the worst in a nasty situation, pointing out flaws – in ourselves and others, etc.) Armed with our hashtag (#speaklife), positive inspiration delivered to us daily via our … Continue reading What 30 Days Of Positivity Taught Me

What Stole Your Joy?

Got off to a rough start in the morning, and find yourself rushing your family hastily out the door? Discovered a co-worker is slandering you behind your back? Your kids are demanding more of your mental and emotional capacity than you feel you have? Is a project you’re working on not going according to plan? … Continue reading What Stole Your Joy?