Mending a Broken Heart

Uugh the pain of heartbreak. You know what I mean. That place where nothing can seem to heal or mend the ache deep in your soul. I’m not sure if the hairline fracture is any easier to cope with than the shattering break of your heart that feels like a million little pieces need to … Continue reading Mending a Broken Heart

The Power of Your Voice

There’s a little girl in the Bible who inspires me. Her name is unknown, yet her story is intricately connected with the life of a well-known man. In 2 Kings, we read about the commander of the army of the king of Syria. The Bible says he was a great man who had favour. However, … Continue reading The Power of Your Voice

5 Decisions You Won’t Regret

We all have stories of regret. Instead of focusing on the should haves, could haves, and would haves… let’s make choices today that we can look back and be proud of. Here’s 5 decisions that you won’t regret making. Intentional Personal Growth True, it might be uncomfortable, challenging and down right frustrating at times, but … Continue reading 5 Decisions You Won’t Regret