What 30 Days Of Positivity Taught Me

Recently I participated in a 30-day Negativity Fast. Essentially, for 30 days, those of us participating, intentionally focused on removing negative words from our daily lingo (i.e. self-doubt, highlighting the worst in a nasty situation, pointing out flaws – in ourselves and others, etc.) Armed with our hashtag (#speaklife), positive inspiration delivered to us daily via our … Continue reading What 30 Days Of Positivity Taught Me

Clothes Shopping In Rome

This spring, while travelling in Italy (I still can’t even believe that’s me saying that!), I wandered in and out of what seemed to be countless adorable clothing shops. Many of the shop owners I spoke with in Rome had stories of being a second or third generation storeowner. Each had their own ideals of … Continue reading Clothes Shopping In Rome

3 Heart-Revealing Questions

I find it interesting that just like our physical hearts provide the lifeline for our human existence, our spiritual heart is the lifeline to our spirit man. It’s like God knew what He was doing or something! If our heart (the organ) is damaged, life slows down drastically or even comes to an end. Isn’t the … Continue reading 3 Heart-Revealing Questions