Travelling Abroad for 5 Months… and Counting

For the past 5 months our family has been on a journey. We’re writing the closing of one chapter while waiting on clarity about what the next chapter will look like. During this time, we’ve been travelling and enjoying a Sabbatical with our daughters. We based ourselves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and visited a few different countries nearby. If you haven’t been following along on our adventure, you might enjoy this video that explains a bit more of what life has been like in this season. Or this one where we share our first impressions of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

During our stay in Southeast Asia, Jeff and I spent a week in Cam Ranh, Vietnam and had the opportunity to stay at one of the Top 3 resorts in Asia – you can take a peek at that here. It was such a treat and has become one of my all-time favourite spots to relax. In fact, we returned with the girls a month later and celebrated Bella’s 17th birthday at the same resort.

After 3 months in Southeast Asia we relocated to Italy where we visited Rome for a week and then moved onto Tuscany – where we stayed for 2 months in a quaint village called, Campiglia Marittima. If Italy is more your vibe, check out this video of a day in Rome, this one where we visited Pisa or this one of the beautiful city of Florence.

We brought our dog, Marley with us and are frequently asked questions about how we travelled abroad with our pup. Let me tell you, it was work. But we love her dearly and couldn’t have imagined not having her with us. I shared a few videos going into detail about travelling with a dog. If you’re curious, you can check one out here.

We are currently in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for a couple of months before Jeff and I head back to Europe for a few weeks with friends on a trip we’ve been planning for YEARS. We are so excited to travel with friends and share some of our favourite places with them.

We still don’t know what God has next for our family, but we are leaning into this time on Sabbatical and are feeling refreshed and inspired for whatever lies ahead.

If you have any questions about our travels, feel free to leave a comment and we can chat further!


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