Italy Capsule

Making the move from Malaysia to Italy meant making a move to a colder climate. We were living in 28C-32C degree weather for three months and then relocated to Tuscany where the temps range from 6C-15C. Don’t get me wrong, 6 degrees is still MUCH better than the below freezing temps I’m used to enduring each winter back home in Canada, but it was still an adjustment.

Additionally, making a climate change like this meant making some clothing purchases to accommodate the cooler weather. Before we left Kuala Lumpur (you can watch some of our adventure on YouTube), I purchased two sweaters, an oversized blazer and a light coat. I figured layering them with my tees would work great to keep me warm. I already had two pairs of jeans and my favourite Effortless Pants, so the items actually built me a brand new capsule wardrobe!

Here’s the Italy Capsule Wardrobe – 14 items total (not including PJ’s, lounge wear, workout clothes our outerwear).

You can tap here to view a .pdf file with each individual item linked. Feel free to use it as a template for creating your own capsule wardrobe!

We’ve been in Italy for almost 4 weeks and I haven’t once felt bored of my options. In fact, I haven’t worn each piece yet! Instead, I seem to gravitate towards the same 9 items over and over again. Here are the most worn items in my Italy Capsule.

Wearing the same thing doesn’t bother me because I love what I’m wearing and I love how I feel and look wearing it. That’s the impact that taking the time to discover your own personal style has. And because I’ve discovered my unique Fashion Formula, I know that these pieces will work for me.

(This is a helpful formula to unlocking your personal style. I discuss it in depth in The 40 Hanger Closet, and include a Quiz to help you discover your Fashion Formula too.) For me, I like approx 70% Basics 20% Trends and 10% Statement Pieces. As an example, you may find that you feel best in 30% Basics, 50% Trends and 20% Statement Pieces. Regardless of what your formula is, knowing your own style is key to thriving with a capsule wardrobe.

So here’s the thing. Yesterday we headed into Florence with Jeff’s parents who are visiting us in Italy right now and we went shopping. I was kind of surprised at what I gravitated towards until I gave some thought to this formula. What was missing in my Italy Capsule was my Statement Pieces. And because of that, when I saw this gorgeous tangerine shade my heart did a little leap and I knew I had to add it to my capsule. So these are the two new additions. Both are from COS.

How on earth I’ve come to like the colour orange I’ll never know, but having some colour in my otherwise very neutral capsule is making my heart happy. Aaaaand, it fits into my personal fashion formula! Any thoughts? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Please remember, fashion is personal. It’s an expression of you and who you want to be – so don’t just copy what you see someone else do because it looks good on them. Do the work to figure out what truly makes you feel the most like you and wear it with confidence!


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