10 Mistakes I Made When Designing Our Kitchen

Remember the update we did to our kitchen? You can see that here. Well, it’s been 5 years and I’ve learned a thing or two about what I would do differently next time. So, if you’re planning to update your kitchen anytime soon, this is a post for you! Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and avoid doing these same things in your space.

I share all 10 in this video, so click on it to check it out.

In the meantime, here are some of the most annoying mistakes:

1. Painful Island Stools

Yup, you heard me. The stools we put at our island hurt our feet so much that we don’t sit on them without shoes (or slippers). What kind of design flaw is that?! We ordered them online and although there were hundreds of rave reviews, none that I read mentioned the sharp metal bar that feet rest on. On the plus side, I have since purchased island stools for a handful of different kitchen projects and you can be sure that I inspect the cross bar very carefully before giving my stamp of approval on a purchase.

2. Cool Metals

This covers a couple of different mistakes in one. Essentially we didn’t have the money in our budget to execute the plan I originally drew, so we needed to make some cuts. We saved money on the stainless steel range hood and the stainless steel shelving. Hooray for saving money! But having cold metals really changed the overall vibe I was going for. Now there’s a stainless range over a stainless oven, beside stainless shelves, next to a stainless fridge. It’s just too cold for my liking. Having said that, I am extremely thankful for this kitchen and although I’ve learned what I will and won’t prioritize in the future, the cold metals just annoy me.

3. Power Outlet Location

I didn’t want to put an outlet on the outside of the island. Why? Because I think they look ugly. So we opted to put one inside the island. Allllll the way at the back of the cupboard. Super annoying. Next time, I’ll put an outlet on the outside in the most inconspicuous spot possible.

4. Cheap Chairs

Can you see a theme? We were on a tight budget and chose to prioritize the flooring, countertops, sink, appliances and lighting over some of these extra finishes. As a result, we got some uncomfortable furniture! The Eiffel Chairs, although beautiful to look at, are downright dangerous! They are poorly constructed and as a result the inexpensive quality is seen, felt (and heard) by the way they frequently break down.

I hope you’ll watch the video for the rest of the mistakes I made, including my BIGGEST regret. Trust me, I’ll NEVER make this purchase again while I still have kids living at home.


One thought on “10 Mistakes I Made When Designing Our Kitchen

  1. It’s always admirable when someone admits their mistakes. And always appreciated, especially if we can learn from them. Your kitchen is beautiful Marissa, but I understand your frustration about not thinking more of the functionality of certain things that can make life just that much easier. Things that come with experience. As you mentioned, you’ll know next time😀 I have to say that I remember thinking that your chairs were not going to be comfortable or sturdy and again, little things we think about through life experience. Thanks for helping others by sharing your faux pas. Oui, oui😀

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