How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger and Brighter

Of course we all know that a mirror can trick the eye to thinking a space is bigger than it actually is, but did you know that’s only one way to give the illusion of a larger space? Today, I’m going to share other tips and simple hacks that make bathrooms instantly feel more spacious and airy. There are a few trade secrets that truly make all of the difference, and I used all of them in this gorgeous bathroom here.

This isn’t a tiny bathroom, but nor is it considered a massive bathroom either. When we looked at the blueprints of this master and did a walk through of some of the finished units in this building the master bathroom was, shall we say, underwhelming. It was cramped, dark and felt like it lacked the presence that grand master bathroom should have. Compared to THAT, this master shines!

I’ll be renovating my bathroom later this year and will implement some of these same techniques when I plan the space, so I’ll be sure to bring you along so you can see how these actually go a long way in enlarging small spaces too!

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