$650 Master Bedroom Makeover

Last year (pre-pandemic), by best friend told me that she wanted to surprise her mom with a bedroom makeover. Those who know me well know that her mom is one of my spiritual moms. She has prayed with me and supported me through some of life’s hardest challenges and is a woman who is always just a phone call away. So naturally, I wanted in on the surprise!

Armed with a small budget, a few family and close friends, some elbow grease and a whole lotta love, we went to work! So how can you get the most bang for your buck when you’re on a small budget? Here’s a few cost-effective strategies we used.

  • Thrifting

We looked on Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, and local thrift stores to find the pieces that we wanted to add to her space. Some of our BEST finds were second-hand! Like the gorgeous crystal chandelier that we found for $50. Or the three-drawer side table that functions as a small dresser – also Facebook Marketplace. We even found some matching prints for either side of her bed at a local thrift shop. (Check out the video for a design tip involving art, books and a table lamp, that creates balance to an otherwise off-balance space.)

  • Hand-Me-Downs

This is SUCH a great way to give new life to someone’s old treasures. A few of us went through our homes and storage closets and found items that worked perfectly in this feminine space that added the extra touches that it needed. Like a fur throw pillow, a small basket with faux greenery, some books for the side tables and even the ceiling medallion that we hung above the chandelier. (Which I had purchased a couple of years earlier at a garage sale for $5!).

  • Budget-Friendly Stores

Home Sense is a go-to for inexpensive home decor. It’s affordable, on-trend and I seem to always find the perfect piece when I’m there. Like the gorgeous blush curtains overlaid with white tulle. I mean, could there have been a more perfect curtain for this feminine, serene space?! We also snagged some matching lamps for the bedside tables, a throw for the foot of the bed, a macrame wall hanging and a full-length mirror.

  • Elbow Grease

Okay, the showstopper in this room is the flooring! We pulled back the old carpeting (by we, I mean my best friend’s husband), and were beyond pumped to reveal original hardwood floors! So the guys got to work sanding and staining the floors – not just in the bedroom but in the upstairs hallway as well. The amount of work that was put into this truly was worth the end result.

  • Shopping Your Home

We took a peek in the spare room and basement and found some artwork that had been painted by the homeowner’s best friend. As soon as we saw them we knew they were the final touch the space needed because her friend had recently passed way and coming home to her beautiful artwork would be a wonderful way to honour the memory of such a cherished friend. The pieces were some of her favourites, but had never been framed. So we found some frames and put the pieces on display to be enjoyed every day.

Home design doesn’t have to be expensive. Creating a space that reflects what you want is the most important part of the process. So take some time and curate a list of items that you love, items that fill your heart and spark joy – this is the roadmap to creating a space that reflects you. And this bedroom is proof that it doesn’t take a large budget to have a beautiful, personalized space!

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