The Duster – Basic or Trend?#40hangercloset

I love the look of a Duster! Originally Dusters were lightweight jackets worn by horseback riders to keep the dust off of them while riding, hence the name “duster”. Today, these long layering pieces are often still a jacket or even long cardigan.

In my wardrobe, adding a layering piece over a simple outfit elevates the style. It can take something simple like a pair of jeans and a tee (my go-to look!), and make it feel more pulled together and stylish.

For some, a Duster may feel more like a trendy piece – something that feels a bit out of the comfort zone of a traditional cardigan or blazer. It can feel modern, edgy and fun, as opposed to timeless, classic and effortless. That’s the beauty of knowing your own sense of style.


In the 40 Hanger Closet I encourage readers to jot down a few items of clothing that fall into the three different categories of the 40 Hanger Closet to help identify what your own personal sense of style is.

In Episode 5 over on IGTV, I showed how this simple Duster can be used over multiple outfits. You can see that 1 minute episode here.

If you had a duster jacket or cardigan would it fall under Basics or Trends?


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