Mistakes We Make When Shopping (and why your closet is full of the wrong things)

Have you ever wondered why it seems like you have nothing to wear, when in reality, you have a closet or dresser filled with clothes? Whether thrifted or purchased new, chances are, most of the items in your closet are pieces you chose to spend your money on. So why don’t you feel like wearing any of them? I think it’s safe to say that many of us have been there.

I’ve had the opportunity to style women of different ages, shapes and sizes over the years, and some dressing room conversations have been extremely enlightening. It seems that all sorts of things are going through our mind when we are trying on clothes – everything from concerns about our “problem areas”, to wondering what others might think, to comparing what we have on to what we saw on someone else. Even memories of a body we once had that we don’t anymore can drive our decision making in these moments.

So here’s some things we’re doing wrong, that lead to the frustrated cry of, “I have nothing to wear!”

Buying because it fits

Each item you try on that is cut oddly, pulls or is ill-fitting is essentially adding up to making this poor decision. The instant you finally pull on that piece you’ve been on the hunt for and it fits the way you want, all of the previous moments of frustration are thrown out the window! Finally! Success! But is it really? Is it the exact colour of an item you were looking for? Is it the fabric, cut, length and style you had in your mind? Sure it fits, but are you walking out with a v-neck shirt when you really preferred a button up? The momentary success of finding something that fit, may actually result in you feeling frustrated when you get ready in the morning, because it’s not really what you wanted to add to your wardrobe.

Buying because it’s on sale

I’m all for a good sale! But if something is on sale, and that’s literally the only reason you picked it up, then you’re setting yourself up for wardrobe woes.

Buying because it looks good on someone else

Our purchases are often influenced by others, I think that’s part of the way humans are wired. But if you love something on someone else, does that mean you’ll automatically love it on you? Will it fit the same way on your body? Will you feel like a million bucks wearing it?

Impulse buying

I think it’s safe to say that haphazardly adding to your wardrobe, based on a feeling or a mood you’re in probably isn’t the best if you’re trying to build a wardrobe that you truly love wearing. If you have items hanging up that you’ve never worn, perhaps even with tags still attached, there’s a good chance that you bought them on impulse.

Can you think of any other mistakes we make when shopping? Considering the thought process that influences our purchases may be an indicator of something that’s more harmful than it is helpful. Comment below and let me know!

You are valuable. You are Beautiful. You are loved.


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