FAVS Around The House Edition

This month’s favourites make me smile. Ever stop to take notice of the random things you use over and over again around your house? Sometimes it’s the silliest thing that we end up gravitating towards. Well, today I’m gonna share 5 of my favs from around the house.

1. Clear Jars

Believe it or not, Mason Jars are not in my collection. I have no idea why. But tucked away on a shelf way out of reach is a small collection of glass jars. These are perfect for those times your kids pick a “flower”, or for sprucing up a table setting, like this one from Thanksgiving a couple of years ago.

2. A Stylus Pen

Yup, even with an iPhone, the stylus is my go-to pen thanks to Instagram Stories. I can write with my own handwriting across the screen and have it look much nicer than it does when I when I attempt to write using my finger.

3. Phonograph iPhone Speaker

Okay, I absolutely LOVE this! First of all, it looks adorable on display. Secondly, it’s black – my favourite “colour”. And last, but most certainly not least, it’s functional. Now if you’re looking for suburb sound quality, this little guy isn’t for you, but if you just want to project the podcast you’re listening to a little louder, or have a conversation on speaker phone that doesn’t sound like a yelling match, this is ideal. (Think using a cup to project the sound, only much cuter.) I snagged this at Target in the fall.

4. Cutting Boards

My husband doesn’t quite understand my love of these small wooden, marble and stone blocks – especially because I preserve them from ever being cut on. 🙂 These are perfect for serving food, setting under a hot dish on the kitchen table, layering behind items on shelves, setting a bar of soap on… I mean there are tons of ways these can be used around the house. And they look adorable every time.

5. My Prayer Journal

Closing off today’s list is my prayer journal. I’ve talked a lot about it over on Instagram, and have a post about why I love it so much here. It really is the one item in my house that passes through my  hands multiple times a day it seems. Recalling a promise from the Lord for my family, or jotting down a Scripture I want to share with a friend later, or capturing things my girls have said that I want to remember to pray about has become super convenient now that I’ve designed a journal that can stay with me for years and years. No more tossing half-empty journals or keeping a shelf of used journals because of the handful of super meaningful pages inside. This journal truly is a game changer.

That’s it for this month’s favs. What would you add to the list? I bet you have some favourites hanging around your house too. Comment below and let me know!



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One thought on “FAVS Around The House Edition

  1. I have gotten rid of most of my nicknacks but a figuren that was in my husbands grandmas place sits in my dinning room and I had always admited it, turns out my MIL made it! Also a beautiful mantel clock we got on vaca last year. Finally my Eiffel towers (pics, iron one ect).


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