The Most Inexpensive Design Tips

Seriously though, these are super simple ideas that can instantly freshen up your space and give it a more styled appearance. The best part is, these can be done on the cheap, and in some cases for FREE (’cause who has extra cash laying around to put into home decor these days?)

1. Journals

I love this because of how ridiculously practical it is. Have a cute journal that fits into your overall home aesthetic? Leave it out. It’s as simple as that.

2. A Serving Bowl

Serving bowls aren’t just for serving food! Instead of storing them tucked away in a cupboard, why not leave them on a shelf, coffee table, tucked under a console table, somewhere to be seen. I snagged this one from the Dollar Store for $3.

3. Fresh Herbs

A local market I visit does this one and I think it’s brilliant. Grab some glass jars and put your fresh herbs on display. It’s a great way to add a pop of greenery to your kitchen, while keeping ingredients readily accessible.

Dundurn Market

4. Books (in place of a tray)

If you’re scrolling through Pinterest and love the look of having a tray on your coffee table but don’t have one, grab some big ‘ol coffee table books instead. Not only do they ground your collection of items, they add visual interest by creating height.

5. Plates / Dishes

Open shelving for the win! When your plates and everyday dishes can be on display it’s functional and stylish.

6. Food

Check out kitchen magazines and online galleries. Food is an expected component in a kitchen, regularly making it’s way in front of the camera, so don’t feel the need to put it all behind pantry doors. (I suggest keeping the boxes of mac and cheese out of sight though.) 😉 Check out this kitchen design project, complete with fresh croissants on display!

7. Blankets

In our house these are readily available on every floor of the house (because the temperature in my place is beyond frigid!) Draped over the end of beds, thrown over chairs and tucked away in baskets, they’re a super easy way to add layers and texture to your decor.

8. Baskets

This is an easy way to add texture to any space. Practically, they can be used to store things and keep clutter contained. Or they can be used as wall decor. I did a whole post on that here.

9. Free Pictures

Thank you Google. I downloaded these pictures and printed them off about 5 years ago, and I still love ’em! Oh, and I used Dollar Store frames.

10. House Plants

Greenery instantly freshens up a space. Elevate the look by tossing them into cute baskets. I snagged these two baskets at Nordstrom Rack in Buffalo earlier this year.

I told you these were easy peasy! What other design tips do you use around your house? Comment below and share the love!


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  1. I also keep fresh herbs in mason jars in fridge, covered with hotel shower caps. They keep fresh for about 2 weeks! (Cheaper than buying the $30+ herb containers.) Great blog, by the way!

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