Fashion Tips For Your Man

I was walking through my church a few weeks ago on a Sunday morning when someone called out to me down the hallway, “Hey Pastor Marisa! Check out my husband’s new duds.” Grinning proudly beside her was her hubby, decked out in new clothes, from head to toe. He looked quite put together, in a well-fitting, and classically stylish outfit, with his wife beaming beside him.

I love how people will bring me into their fashion journey simply because they know that I love the freedom of self-expression that clothes give a person. After all, I was the little girl in polk-a-dot tights, a striped skirt, with a flower top and un-matching bright pink hair bow. But boy, did I feel like a million bucks!

So a high five from me to this couple, clearly on their own fashion journey, truly is an authentically excited, “Yes! You guys are amazing!” kind of high five. People can sense that.

I’d be lying if I pretended that type of interaction doesn’t happen often. Women are pumped to show me their man’s new look, and the men aren’t usually too shy to show off the way they feel (probably more because of how their wife is looking at and talking about them, then how they feel in their new clothes.) Regardless of the reason, I think it’s pretty safe to say that men and women alike can experience the little confidence boost that often comes from our clothing.

If your guy needs a little boost in his appearance, these tips may be just the place to start. I’m not talking about making your sporty husband look like a model on the cover of GQ… you can’t change who he is, and what he’s drawn to, but you can direct him to some some simple changes that can elevate his look to something he’s comfortable in and that you actually dig.

1. The fit

Sometimes all that’s needed is a size adjustment. And more often than not, the size needs to come down. So many people are wearing clothes that are simply too large for them. Whether this is intentional, in a attempt to “hide” things they are self-conscious about, or if it’s just a matter of not really knowing any better, getting clothes that actually fit your body can go a LONG way in creating a stylish, tailored outfit, even in something as simple as jeans and a tee.

2. The time and place

Okay guys, we love you, but sometimes you want to wear items that simply aren’t appropriate for where you’re going. The way I explained it to my young daughters was this, a bathing suit is inappropriate church attire, but perfectly acceptable at the beach. A party dress is inappropriate for a play date at the park, but perfectly fine for church or a family dinner. The same is true with your baseball hats, baggy jeans, favourite (but perhaps ripped) tee shirt or sports jersey.

Rock the jersey when you’re hanging out with your friends, or playing with your kids. But when your taking your love out for dinner, it’s time to dress the part.

3. The cut

You know those favourite jeans you’ve been wearing since college? Ya, you love ’em, but since you’re not sporting your college bod anymore, (and hopefully you’ve updated your college hair!), it’s time for an updated pair. Styles have changed over the years. So have fabric blends too. I bet if you tried on a few pairs of jeans with a modern cut and fabric blend, you’d find your new favourite pair to rock for the next decade.

4. The “extra”

Many men I know, don’t want to wear layers. But, adding a belt, a jacket or sweater, a blazer… an extra piece, instantly elevates your look. Trust me, she’ll love it.

5. The shoe

Men, seriously consider getting a shoe that you can wear when you’re applying all of the above tips. Nothing will ruin the look more than throwing on those beat up old running shoes that you love so much. Some guys have a “dress” sneaker. Essentially they are runners they would never wear to the gym, on a hike, or playing at the park with the kids, but they are just as comfy, and yet clean, and much better looking. If you’re really brave, try an oxford, a Chelsea boot, or a pair of slip ons.



Photos: Pinterest

Okay ladies and gents, there you have it. A few, simple tips to elevate your man’s style without breaking the bank, or changing the man that you fell in love with… too much. 😉



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One thought on “Fashion Tips For Your Man

  1. 🙂 🙂

    “Regardless of the reason, I think it’s pretty safe to say that men and women alike can experience the little confidence boost that often comes from our clothing.”

    Couldn’t agree more! Definitely enjoy the extra shot of confidence those times when my wife compliments my fashion choices.

    All great tips!! Thank You!


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