Design Tip: Bookshelf Styling

Bookshelves are a fantastic place to add a personalized design vibe to your home. Regardless of your style preferences, whether you like a bookshelf crammed full of books, or if you use your shelves to display favourite personal belongings, there’s three tips to make every shelf pleasing to the eye.

  • Travel

The way you place your items on a shelf should cause your eye to travel. In this case, framing pictures on the main desk, a shelf and then on the top, moves the eye upwards.

  • Balance

An easy way to think of balance is like this. If you have a handful of items on one shelf, leave open space on the next shelf to allow some air or breathing space. This is much easier on the eye than having every shelf overflowing with items.

  • Height

Having items at varied heights creates interest. The next time you’re at a store, take a peek at the displays. Varying heights are almost always used since they show off items better than having everything at equal heights.


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