The Coziest Attic Family Room


Eeeek! I’m so excited to finally share this room with you! This is the type of room that any family with children will totally appreciate. It’s comfortable, practical, multi-purpose and super stylish. Side note, isn’t it wonderful when a room completely reflects the style of the people who live in it? In my opinion, that’s what elevates design from something being a “nice room”, to being a custom-designed, outward reflection of someone’s unique, personal style. Well, this attic space is completely that!


There are three distinct zones in this attic. The seating area, or as I’d prefer to call it, the “let’s curl up and watch a movie” zone, the homework (aka “but I don’t wanna do my homework” zone, and the reading, or “chill” zone. Let’s take a peek.

With the steep slope of the roof, utilizing the outsize walls is key, to keep grown ups from bonking their heads. This is one room where I would definitely keep the furniture to the walls.

Zone 1

There’s three incredible features I just have to high light in this zone. #1. The wood wall at the far end. This was originally the attic flooring. The homeowner kept it great shape when he tore it up and then suggested we use it on this wall. Such a great idea! #2. The skylight. Brining in natural light to this otherwise dark space was a huge game changer! #3. The creative use of an IKEA sectional.

The homeowner purchased two identical sectionals and put them next to each other, creating an extremely spacious U-shaped seating area. Not only that, this amazing sofa has a super easy to use base that pops up into a bed. So when they are both in use, it’s basically like cozying up on a gigantic bed covered with pillows. It’s literally the BEST movie viewing set up I’ve experienced! Bonus points for additional concealed storage in each one too.

Oh, and all of those amazing features I mentioned were the homeowners ideas!

Zone 2

There’s a small desk with some file drawers, and a printer set up just beside the arm of the sofa. It’s the perfect spot for the kiddos to get their homework done. Behind it, on the opposite wall, there’s a long wooden bench with storage baskets underneath. A great spot for younger children to colour or do crafts at.


Zone 3

This is the reading zone. With floor mats and ottomans to lounge around on, it’s the perfect spot for the kids to cozy up with a book and read. The homeowner had some more incredible ideas for this space.


#1. Utilizing the space behind the attic walls for storage. He built an adorable sliding barn door to access the storage space, which adds a great little accent feature. #2. Steel pipes were used as the railing surrounding the staircase. In fact, these were used throughout the home. Again, super stylish! #3. Another  skylight. Because natural light is always a great idea. And finally, #4. Built in bookshelves. Again, utilizing the space behind the small attic walls, built in shelves were created and long pieces of barn board resting on pipes were added to bring in more natural wood elements.

It was so fun to share the creative process with the homeowners! They had some amazing ideas and really just needed some reassurance and direction in the execution. In the end, the attic, and the entire home became a true reflection of this young family.



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