Cleaning Hacks I Should Be Embarrassed About

I was chatting with some friends about our mutual disdain for cleaning. Tidying I’m good with, cleaning… not so much. I happened to mention a few things I do to help cut back on cleaning and they insisted I share these hacks on my blog. I’ll openly admit, I should be embarrassed about these hacks, but oddly enough, I’m not. So, here goes.

  • Dust with your clothes

Yup. When your changing into your PJs and you have a dirty undershirt or tee shirt in hand, use it to dry dust your bedside tables, lamps and bedroom mirrors. I mean, it’s getting tossed into the laundry anyways. (This also works on hardwood floors – especially in the corners where dust can gather.)

  •  Clean your face and the bathroom

Whether using a makeup remover wipe or a facecloth, when I’m finished using the item on my skin, I wipe down the sink, counter, garbage pail, doorknob, or any other surface that looks dusty in the bathroom.

  • Dust with your dishtowel

When a dishtowel is ready to be laundered, run it over the top of your fridge, pendant lights, or other out of sight surfaces that easily collect dust in the kitchen. Again, it’s getting tossed into the laundry anyway.

  • Wash the washing machine

When moving a load of towels from the washer to the dryer, I’ll grab a clean, damp face cloth from the washing machine and use it to wipe down the washer and dryer, as well as the shelving and outside of the garbage can. Then the cloth just gets tossed back into the washing machine.

Well, that covers it. I’d love to hear your cleaning hacks! Comment below and share your time-saving tips for keeping your space clean!



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