My Prayer Journal

Have you ever seen the movie War Room? It’s a Christian film that shows the power of prayer, as demonstrated by the most lovely elderly woman, Clara. Say what you will about Christian films, storylines or actors… enveloped in many popular Christian movies is an anointed message that has the power to transform lives.

A series of events in my personal prayer life led me to watch this movie. Powerful times of prayer with my closest friends, listening to a mentor pray Scripture over situations that were nearest to her heart, talking to a lifelong friend about the promises God has spoken to her heart, and how she’s praying them over her future, and seeing how a Scripture the Lord spoke as a promise to my heart years ago began to unfold in real life. All of these experiences were deepening my own personal prayer life, until one day I felt I was supposed to watch War Room.

What resulted was a makeover of my prayer journal.

Over the years I had grown frustrated with the many notebooks I had written in, and I knew that buried within the pages of them were promises, Scriptures and encouraging words that were impressed on my heart in my devotional time. The problem was, I couldn’t keep track of what notebook, and where in the notebook these amazing revelations were stored. Am I the only one with a bookshelf full of used journals?

Using a ring binder allows me to pull out promises I’m praying over for a season and keep them posted where I can see them and pray them. Adding in divided sections keeps me organized and able to quickly access Scriptures I’ve journaled for my family, church, missionaries, friends, etc.

I found these inserts on that bring cheerful colours, inspirational quotes and Scriptures right into the design. The package includes blank sheets with Scriptures, dividers, a pocket, stickers and more!

In addition to learning what helps me have a great prayer time, this prayer journal has made praying, and remembering, specific Scriptures so much easier!



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