What Exactly Is E-Design Anyway?

Earlier this year I launched e-design services on my blog. After years of doing design projects for family, friends, businesses, and friends of family and friends, I finally decided to put design services online. This means I’m able to offer my creative approach to a space, to any client – near or far.

Here’s how it works. Once you reach out and let me know you are interested, I’ll send a link to a questionnaire that will help you think through the space you are working on, while providing me with important details about your style, colour preferences, overall vision, etc. Then, we’ll arrange a Zoom call where you can walk me through your space, ask questions, clarify any points I may be unclear on and talk through the various aspects of your space. I’ll provide solutions to problems you may be up against, design suggestions, room layout ideas, paint colour, finishes and fixtures that may work well in the new space. It’s an hour of creative conversation that will provide further direction and clarity for your project.

Once we’re done our conversation, I’ll get to work creating a Mood Board that will provide a visual of the various concepts we discussed. Essentially it provides you with a visual so you can even more clearly see the direction the project can take. This becomes the guide when making design decisions as you execute the plan. With an E-Design Consultation, the creative vision, mood boards, room layout and colour suggestions, etc. are all provided by me, but then you, the client, are responsible to carry it out and make it happen.

So that’s e-design in a nutshell. It’s a fantastic way to get the skill of a designer, at a fraction of the price. If you’re interested in working with me to create the space of your dreams, check out the design packages I offer here, and you can start a conversation with me here. I’d love to chat with you!


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