What Exactly Is E-Design Anyway?

Earlier this year I launched e-design services on my blog. After years of doing design projects for family, friends, businesses, and friends of family and friends, I finally decided to put design services online. This means I’m able to offer my creative approach to a space, to any client – near or far.

The whole approach to e-design is different than design jobs that occur in real life. Because it’s all done online, the creative vision, style boards, room layouts, colour suggestions, etc. are all done by me, but then the client is responsible to carry it out and make it happen.

Don’t worry though! I provide a pretty detailed list of everything from where items can be purchased from, to images that show furniture arrangements, to a drawn-to-scale floorpan of the space, including where to place furniture… you’re armed with everything you need to get er done! Think of it like a paint-by-numbers guide for pulling your space together.

The plan consists of three main components:

Style Boards

Style boards offer the client a visual of specific furniture groupings, style concepts, paint colour suggestions and furniture finishes. This also allows them see how I’d layer furniture to create a vignette or how I’d style shelves to reflect their personal tastes.

Floor Plans

Floor plans are drawn to scale, and provide direction for furniture placement and room layout.

Shopping Lists

A shopping list provides the client with active links to every item we’ve included in their room design. From large scale items like a sofa or bed, to small accessories like candles and picture frames. Everything you need to replicate what I’ve presented is just a click away!

So that’s e-design in a nutshell. It’s a fantastic way to get the skill of a designer, at a fraction of the price. If you’re interested in working with me to create the space of your dreams, check out the design packages I offer here, and you can start a conversation with me here. I’d love to chat with you!


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