FREE Productivity Planner Download

A few months ago I created a planner that would help me stay organized with everything #IAMLOVED related. Feeling super proud of my accomplishment, I shared it on my Instagram story. Of course, I liked what I made… it was customized to exactly what would best fit my workflow as a part-time blogger. However, I was totally shocked at the response from others! For the next couple of months, my inbox and DMs were filled with requests for the planner to be made public.


So I made a few modifications (like removing my personal purpose for using  social media, and the specific motivations behind my email Newsletter), and I made it a little more generic, so that anyone – blogger or not – could use it.

I’m super thrilled to release the #IAMLOVED Productivity Planner as a FREE download for you!


Simply click on the main menu at the top of the page called “Free Stuff” and select “Productivity Planner” to download your copy of the planner. And if all that bloggy, social media stuff works for you too, you can download the Blogger / Vlogger add-on pages and organize your online game plan! (And yep, totes free!)

Happy planning everyone!


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