Decorating A Tree With Dollar Store Finds

After a bunch of years of of using these 5 tips to decorate my Christmas tree, this year, I went for a different approach. A recent poll over on Instagram gave me clear feedback that y’all are wanting posts about Christmas decor a budget. I hear ya. So I scrapped some my traditional go-tos for styling a tree, and went for a cheap and chic approach instead.

Lemme break it down for you…


There are two items on this tree that are NOT from the dollar store. Everything else is from good ol Dollarama.

These red “sticky outies” (I explain the technical definition here), and the vine with red berries are both dollar store finds. The vine was a wreath that I purchased and un-wound. However, earlier this week I spotted similar berry garlands at the dollar store… so bonus.


This gold, glittery garland and the white bulbs are the two items NOT from the dollar store. The garland and bulbs were both purchased on clearance last Christmas as Michael’s.



Like I mention in the video, I use multiple garlands on my Christmas trees. There are a few different ones seen here, some with flocking on them, others with lighter greenery. Adding garlands to a tree fills it in and adds interesting layers to the decor.



Since we did our renovation, there really is very little space for the Christmas Tree on our main floor, so this pencil tree that we picked up for $79 last year is perfect. (Similar linked here).


so there you have it. A cheap and chic Christmas tree that doesn’t break the bank and still looks festive and fun.

Happy decorating friends!



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