2 Tips To Refine Your Personal Style

A big part of discovering your person style lies in authenticity. If we simply copy a style we see, then we lose a part of who we are in the process. I’m all about Pinterest for inspiration, but if I log off feeling like my wardrobe isn’t “good” enough, or “current” enough, or “stylish” enough, then I’ve done more damage to myself than I have good.

There’s a line in gaining inspiration that I guard against crossing, and that’s when it turns from inspiration to comparison. I want to learn what I can, get ideas and tips that I perhaps haven’t thought of myself, and then full of inspiration, look to my wardrobe and create outfits I feel beautiful in. Comparing becomes less of a problem when I know myself enough to have discovered these two things:

  • Know What You Love Yourself In

This is different from just knowing what you love. Guys, I love a whole lot of different pieces of clothes. So I have had to learn to push beyond, “Oh I love that!” and discover what I love on ME. Big difference! For me, that’s jeans. I know this, but that doesn’t stop me from drooling over a feminine, flowy skirt paired with killer heels. But it has stopped me from making a purchase of said feminine, flowy skirt, when I know it’s not really, truly ME.

  • Know What You Feel Beautiful In

Here’s the wonderful thing about this, you may feel wonderful in an outfit that “breaks” all of the traditional “rules” about dressing for your body type. Who cares?! If you feel beautiful, then dare to be confident and rock it anyway.

An authentic woman sees beyond a style, and dresses in what reflects, and feels most like her.

An authentic woman also realizes that not everything she loves looks great on her, and just because something may look great on her, doesn’t mean that she loves herself in it. (Let that one sink in for a minute).

If you can identify these two things, you can embrace your style with confidence and can build a wardrobe around a style that’s authentically you!


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