6 Reasons Area Rugs Rock!

I love a good area rug! Nothing can transform a space as quickly as adding in a fabulous area rug. For real! Here’s why I love them.

1. Area rugs anchor a space.

A room feels grounded and complete when there is an area rug pulling it all together.

2. They can create warmth.

3. They can add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral space.

Take my own Living Room for example. White walls, a grey sofa, and metal chairs. The area rug is what makes this space come to life.

FullSizeRender 31

4. Area rugs define spaces.

Legit. Throw a rectangle piece of fabric on the ground, and suddenly there’s boundaries for a conversation area, a dining table, a play area… you name it.

5. They add texture.

And texture is what design dreams are made of guys!

6. Area rugs add an element of style.

If you’re struggling capturing your style in your decor, the right area rug can define the whole vibe of the room.


I’m totally loving the whole layered area rug look too. In the right space, it can add a fabulous textural detail.


Looking for some affordable area rug options? Here’s some of my favourite places to find area rugs on a budget.





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