Friendship: A Priceless Investment

Meet Ashley.


Ashley is one of the most caring, selfless people that I know. She’s a major encourager and someone who takes on your dreams as if they were her own. She refuses to get offended by anything, and is gracious, kind and generous. She’s also totally gangster and downright hilarious. She has an altar-ego named Peaches, (a southern Belle from Georgia), who can have a room full of people on the floor in stitches. Oh, and she literally knows every lyric to every song from every era of music… ever.

She’s a gift and a treasure to me and many others.

Last month, she stole me away for an overnight getaway at her Aunt’s place a couple of hours away. She just knew that in the current season of life, I needed a moment to get away and just breathe.

I got to meet her Aunt and Uncle, (who are just as incredible as she is), and was invited to enjoy all of the amenities that their home had to offer. If anyone has the gift of hospitality it is this sweet family!

When I say that her Aunt’s place is an oasis. I’m not exaggerating one bit. Her backyard is what dreams are made of!

Ashley and I drove through the city she grew up in and I was overcome with this unusual sense of familiarity of streets I had never actually been on before. Each location she pointed out, brought new life to the stories of her youth that she shares with me often. It was as though I could see her memories playing out in front of me.

At her Aunt’s home, we had a lovely conversation as I got to know her amazing family. We chatted, ate pizza, watched a movie, and went for a late-night dip in the hot tub.

Pizza, conversation and a movie.

Nothing too thrilling, yet so very refreshing.

Investing in life-giving relationships is a priority to me. I have discovered that I need it to thrive in my day-to-day life. In fact, the best version of me is only attainable, when I take time to connect with the incredible friends that God has blessed me with.

I predict more weekend getaways at Ashley’s Aunt’s house… ’cause I’m inviting myself. 🙂

You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are loved.



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