LOVE YOURSELF: The Comparison Effect

Recently, I posted this thought on Instagram:

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Of course, it’s not a new thought, but boy is it ever true! I’m a huge Instagram fan. You can find me posting almost daily, and sharing some behind-the-scenes of my every day reality on my Instagram Story. One of the reasons I love Instagram is the ability to connect with friends – new and old – and sneak a peek at their everyday lives too.

Okay, so put a pin in that, and honestly answer some of these questions for yourself.

  • Have you ever though your life wasn’t “as good” as those you follow online?
  • Have you ever shut off the computer, or put down the phone after browsing Instagram or Facebook only to feel a general sense of “blah” hanging over you?
  • Has following someone else online made you feel inadequate as a mom, wife, friend, or even just in general?
  • Do you find yourself wishing you were more like so-and-so after following them online?

Many of us have had those or similar experiences. Let’s put those feelings into perspective okay. Say I post an image once a day on Instagram. And say I post 15, 10-second videos on my Instagram Story daily. That gives a viewer a 2 and a half minute glimpse into my 24 hour day, and one freeze frame moment that I captured and posted on my feed. That’s less than 0.2% of my day posted on the ‘Gram. Less than 0.2%!!!

And yet somehow, comparing our 24/7 with someone else’s 0.2%  leaves us feeling inadequate, unsatisfied with life, and even depressed.

The effects of comparison are crippling.

Friends, if nothing else, I pray that you read this and allow the reality of how much of someone’s life you see online, put into perspective the dangers of comparing your life with theirs. It just isn’t fair.

It’s not fair to you.

If you are going to truly love yourself for who you’ve been created to be, you will have to stop comparing yourself with others. Bottom line.

I hope you’ll join me in a 21-day journey of Learning to Love as we dive deeper into this topic (and more), specifically designed to help you truly love yourself fully and completely. Stay tuned for more details in the weeks to come.

You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are loved.



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2 thoughts on “LOVE YOURSELF: The Comparison Effect

  1. As human beings I think that’s what we naturally do is compare ourselves to other people it gives us the starting point of where we stand and how well we’re doing. I think if we use it wisely it help us watch what we are eating or how much we need to exercise . Etc The danger starts when we don’t use it as motivational tool to make ourselves better. If we do nothing and we allow it to depress us then we just don’t love ourselves

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