I Didn’t Wear It With Confidence

Earlier this week I posted this photo, along with the following caption, on Instagram:

So I totally dig this ostrich feather tank but I’m gonna be honest, it was a stretch for me to wear it. Sometimes my taste in clothes is, ummmm, varied from those close to me. So when there was some “meh” responses when I first found this top I wondered if it was too over the top, or if I should just wear it with confidence. Needless to say, I bought it, I love it and was completely self-conscious the first time I wore it!!! But I decided to ignore the feedback – both the good and not so good (since I’m not wearing it for anyone other than myself) and it worked! Am I the only one who struggles with that sometimes?! I gotta take the advice I give people all the time, “Wear it with confidence!”

Well, needless to say, the feedback from this post has been really interesting. Apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way (and apparently some people really dig this pink top!)

So I did some soul-searching, and discussed this at length (over Starbucks, of course) with my husband, and here’s the current conclusion I’ve landed on. Regardless of how confident someone is in who they’ve been created to be, the fact is, the sting of harsh judgement is still yucky. I mean, who wants to have false assumptions projected onto them, right? Aaaannd the sad reality is, people will be critical and judgemental no matter what you do.

Dress too conservatively, and people will say you’re not relevant or relatable enough. Dress too crazy, and people will say you’re seeking attention from others.

Simply put, I can’t please everyone. No matter what decision is made, someone will always think it was the wrong one. Which leads me back to the conclusion that I need to live to please One. (This is a journey I’ve been on. More on that here.)

I promise you that my intention isn’t to be offensive. No, I don’t think I’m better, prettier, smarter, or more ________________________ (fill in the blank) than you. In fact, I think you’re amazing! Uniquely created for a role that only you can fulfill, I promise that I’m not comparing, judging or criticizing you. I’m cheering you on to be the most authentic version of yourself as you daringly forge ahead into incredible unknowns, determining to be everything you were created to be, and to accomplish everything that you were created to do.

I’m learning to accept that not everyone will offer the same perspective in return, and I’m promising you that I’ll be free to be me, as I cheer you on to be you.

So, I’m going to take my own advice, and no matter what… wear it with confidence! Do me a favour and find me over on Instagram I’d love say hi over there, and I give you permission to hold me accountable. If you see me post something that seems to be laced with concerns about the opinion of others, call me out! Let’s do this wild, and unpredictable life together, and be spreaders of love and light wherever we go!



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3 thoughts on “I Didn’t Wear It With Confidence

  1. Marisa, I can’t imagine anyone thinking this top is anything less than fabulous! And it looks amazing on you!!! I LOVE it!!!!! It is part of who God created you to be – someone who could look just as fabulous in a paper bag! 💋
    I totally agree with what you have shared in your blog….

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