A Sweet, Spring Wedding

This is Josh and Annah. A newly married couple whose love story involves Annah moving halfway across the world. Although unbeknownst to her at the time, basically she moved here so that they could meet. And her husband, Josh, well he fell in love with her in grade 9. Crazy!

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Josh and Anna are both youth leaders at our church, and their wedding was one of the most beautiful celebrations ever! Interweaving different cultural traditions and celebration styles, they placed God at the centre and rejoiced at how He brought them together from so far away. The reception was clearly designed for the guests. They made sure everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves – including the young people they invited from the small groups they both lead.

Thanks for the awesome evening Josh and Annah! And best wishes and prayers as you enter this new season of life as husband and wife.

Weddings are about celebrating! Although the couple of the hour are clearly the guests of honour, I say what better time to snap some pics with friends who we are blessed to do life with. Like the shot of me with my niece, who was my brother’s last minute date replacement for my under the weather sister-in-law. Or the moment my parents both decided to photo bomb a pic my hubby was taking of me.

And now, a word about this dress. Totally not my typical Little Black Dress. This was purchased for my parents’ vow renewal a couple of summers ago, and it’s been worn a handful of times since. I’m not about getting a new dress for every event – especially not when there’s a dress like this hanging in my closet. Sadly, the designer of this dress has declared bankruptcy and is going out of business. [A moment of silence for BCBG please.] The necklace, earrings, clutch, bracelet and shoes are also from BCBG – items purchased over time to add to my collection of favourites.


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