How To Develop A Style That’s Authentically YOU.

Style is an ever-evolving thing. As a changing, maturing person, there’s bound to be something different in your wardrobe as the years progress. But for where you are today, and for who you are right now, how do you know if you’ve discovered your truest representation of yourself?

Answer these yes or no questions honestly:

  • Once I get ready for the day, I forget about my clothes/appearance and dive fully into being present and connected with life.
  • I feel like me, (not me playing dress-up), when I walk out of the house each morning.
  • I don’t care if others don’t notice my clothes or appearance.
  • I wear certain items of clothes, even though people have made their (negative) opinions about them clear.
  • Generally speaking, I love how I look and feel each day.
  • I give compliments freely, both in person, and online.

Authentic style is so much more than simply wearing the clothes you love with confidence. Sometimes, when talking with women, it becomes really clear that style and fashion isn’t the issue holding back their style at all, rather a deeper issue based in a lack of love for themselves.

True confidence comes from knowing that you are loved just as you are. 


Embracing flaws, celebrating growth, releasing expectations, and enjoying the journey are all a part of the process of developing authenticity. So what can you do today to develop greater authenticity? Embrace yourself, flaws and all.

Okay, so that’s much easier said than done. Here’s some of the things I’ve done, and still do, to keep developing my authentic self.

  • Select one thing that you want to improve about yourself

Then develop a systematic, realistic plan of attack.

  • Make a list of the qualities you love about yourself

And ask the Lord to show you any qualities you are blind to.

  • Ask your closest friends to jot down some of the things they love about you

And you do the same for them!

  • Be generous with your words

Compliment freely, encourage lavishly and be genuine with every word that you say.

Authentic living is the aim, authentic style is simply the byproduct!

What are your tips for authentic living? Please comment and share your experience with us!


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