An Open Letter To My Friends

Dear Friend,

I don’t want things to go left unsaid, and I’d hate for life to come to an end without ever passing on these cherished memories. So to all my close friends past and present, here are some of the reasons I am forever thankful for you.

I’ve had some of the best times of my life with you, and I’ve had some of the most heartbreaking times of my life with you. I learned so much during both. Thank you for sharing those seasons – the good, the bad and the ugly – with me. Navigating the best and worst is truly better with people by your side.

I have learned to love unconditionally, and in many cases, I have experienced unconditional love in return. How incredible is that!

I’ve discovered my truest self with you… and I learned that I really like my truest self!

A deeper passion for prayer has grown in my heart, as I’ve prayed for your life, and carried your burdens as if they were my own.

I realized, sometimes on my own, and sometimes because you so kindly pointed it out, that I can be selfish and self-centred. I’ve gotten over myself because of you… well, sort-of. 😉

My daughters have seen firsthand the beauty and joy of life-giving friendships as their mom has done life with some of the greatest women on this planet. Each one of you has left a mark on their lives – be that personally, or through the cherished stories I tell of you. They will only know you to be the strong, incredible women that you are.

Because of you, I have navigated the deepest hurt and have experienced the most beautiful healing – always becoming a better, more refined person, as a result. I’ve carried the weight of guilt from being a poor friend, and I’ve experienced the weightlessness of relief as expectations – mainly ones I put on myself – were lifted.

My heart has learned to freely give, and freely receive the type of forgiveness that only maturity can extend. I have learned to honour what is honourable in others and to let go of hurt and offence, and have determined that no matter the circumstance, I will only be a conduit of life-giving words. Your life will forever be blessed through my thoughts, words and prayers.

You’ve shown me that there are many, varied ways to reach the same destination because your unique gifts and abilities are vastly different from mine. I’ve grown in my understanding of my Creator because you carry a part of His nature, that reveals more of who He is.

Because of you, I’ve learned to invest wholeheartedly in my relationships, knowing that honest vulnerability is the best place to live.

Thank you, dear friend, for each beloved mark that your life has left on my heart. I am who I am today, in large part, because of you.



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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter To My Friends

  1. Absolutely beautiful Marisa. I will be the first to trumpet the growth and maturity I’ve seen and I count it a privilege to do life with you. God has an amazing destiny and future in store for you. Continue to Speak Life my friend! That, in and of itself, will catapult you into your future.

    1. Thanks Sheila! You’ve always been quick to acknowledge growth and change that you observe. I really appreciate that, because human nature is to label people and then see them through those eyes forever and ever. Thanks for your encouragement! xox

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