6 Wardrobe Essentials

I love seeing women embrace their individuality, and with confidence, rock who they were created to be. If you’re getting dressed everyday, might as well make it enjoyable right?!

I’ve yet to meet a confident woman who gave no thought to what she wears.

Ever look closely at someone whose style you admire? It seems that, regardless of individual style, there are some key elements in fashionable wardrobes. Here’s what I’ve observed.

  • Practical Footwear

Whether their go-to pair is a cute sneaker, ankle bootie, gladiator sandals, classic pumps or cozy flats, feet are clearly not an after-thought to the well-styled woman.  As much as I like shoes, I’m of the opinion that a shoe wardrobe doesn’t need to be varied and full of different options to work wonders. The key is knowing what shoes ground your style best, and ensuring those are on hand. As great as multiple options could be, it’s just not in everyone’s budget, so invest wisely!

  • A Layering Piece

I’ve noticed that women who always look put together, have an item they can throw over virtually every outfit, that simply works. I’ve seen this in the form of a blazer, leather moto jacket, a scarf, vest, a long duster jacket, a cardigan, and even a denim jacket. Used as a transitional piece in between seasons, or as an outer layer on cooler days, this piece also works as a layer worn inside in cooler weather.

  • The Little Black Dress (or Variation of)

Not every woman loves a LBD. In fact, not every woman wants to wear a dress when they’re getting dressed up, but there seems to be the perfect outfit for every occasion in their collection – something that works for a night out, a wedding, a funeral or any time they want to be effortlessly ready. I love a great LBD! Here’s my favourite one for summer, and another for fall/winter.

  • A ‘When All Else Fails’ Go-To

Stylish women seem to have an item or an outfit they can quickly slip on that looks fantastic and unfussy. I’m a huge fan of jeans for this look, but I’ve seen women throw on anything from stylish sweats, to a maxi skirt or an adorable dress to look like they woke up ready to hit the ground running. I highly recommend discovering what your go-to is! (HINT: it’s probably what you reach for instinctively most days.)

  • A Fantastic Bag

Whether it’s toting around kid’s toys, snacks, a laptop or paperwork for an upcoming meeting, there seems to be a fantastic bag slung over their arm. Backpack, cross body, tote, bucket bag, satchel… there’s more than one way to pull this off.

  • Stylish Sunnies

More than just a fab accessory, a great pair of sunglasses is one of the most functional pieces in any wardrobe. Protecting your vision, and keeping those eyes from squinting and the resulting pre-mature aging, makes sunnies a chart topper of fashionable women.

Here’s how these 6 essentials work in my own wardrobe.

Expressing yourself doesn’t have to include the latest trends being pumped out by the fashion industry. Discover your own style, then wear what you love with confidence!

You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are loved.


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