How To Live Authentically In An Unauthentic World

In a world where so many of us struggle to truly embrace who we are, and the beauty that we possess, it can be challenging to learn to live authentic lives. However, I have discovered that is the most liberating way to live life. Nope, you’re not going to win everyone over, and nope, not everyone is going to like you, but being true to who you were created to be is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself and those around you.

Set yourself up for success in this beautiful endeavour with these safeguards:

  • Value & Encourage Authentic Living

When you see someone embracing authenticity, encourage that. When a friend faces their biggest fear, and overcomes obstacles hindering them from being true to who they truly are, cheer them on – be the biggest voice of affirmation in their journey. Be to them, what you want friends to be in your own life. Become a conduit of life-giving words, valuing the journey of being real.

  • Have A Cheering Section

Anyone can be a critic. Anyone can be judgemental and point the finger. Having friends who see the real you and who encourage you to continue to live boldly is deeply impacting. True friends see your strengths, weaknesses, successes and failures and call out the best in you, challenging you to be the best you can be.

I have some amazing friends in my life who regularly call out my insecurities, challenge me to rise above my fears, and hold me accountable to being true to who I really am. These calming voices are essential when all of the nay-sayers and haters start throwing stones. I can’t tell you how many times I would have been discouraged and brought down by negativity focused towards me, but was able to rise above because of the life-giving friends who speak truth, call out lies for what they are, and who echo the voice of Jesus, here on earth.

  • Know Your Creator

I’m convinced that true, authentic living is next to impossible unless you know how valuable, beautiful and loved you are by the One who created you. Knowing that I am loved by God has changed my life from the inside out. Every area of my life has been affected by this deeply impacting revelation, without which, I would not be able to walk the journey of authenticity. Jesus’ heart is that all would know His heart towards them.

Authentic living is intimidating… even daunting. But the liberty that comes from a life lived as you were designed to live, is empowering, and full of limitless possibility.

Praying you pursue the call to authenticity!



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