5 Reasons You SHOULDN’T Buy That New Outfit

What?!? NOT buy a new outfit??? I can hear the gasps as you read this. Yes, I have been sick the majority of this new year, but no, my judgement is not impaired. I promise.

One of the most repetitive comments I hear in regards to people’s wardrobes is that even though they have lots of clothes, they still feel like they have nothing to wear. Our closets can be bursting at the seams, and yet we’ll still head out in search of a new outfit to add to our collection.

Well, unless you purchase that new outfit because you’ve refined your own personal sense of style, and you know it’s the carefully curated piece that your wardrobe lacks, then there’s a really good chance that in a month or so, new outfit added and all, you’ll be standing in front of that closest, still complaining that you have nothing to wear.

So, let me help you from making that mistake again. Here’s 5 reasons that you should NOT be buying that new outfit.

  • It Fits

Well, it’s definitely better than buying something that doesn’t fit. But if fit is the only reason you’re walking out with that new outfit… you will end up regretting it.

  • It’s Pretty

Awesome! Pretty clothes sure beat ugly clothes! But is it really you? It can be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, but if it’s not adding to your personal style – the clothes that are a true outer reflection of who you really are – then I guarantee you, that beautiful outfit will hang in the closet frustrating you each time you go to get ready.

  • It’s On SALE

Oh the wardrobe catastrophes that have occurred because of an amazing deal. I’m all for getting clothes on sale, in fact, I rarely pay full price for anything, but if all it has is a small price tag, consider that money thrown in the trash. Trust me.

(Don’t believe me? Check out your own closet, and try to identify the pieces you bought simply because they were on sale. More than likely, they don’t bring a smile to your face. If they do, then I bet you bought it because of more than the cheap price.)

  • It Reminds You of a Pinterest / Blog Post

Okay, so you want a Pinterest-worthy outfit. That’s not crime! But copying someone else’s style, as amazing as it is for them, will only add to your wardrobe woes, if the style isn’t a true reflection of you. Good on them for rocking those jean overalls and heels! If it’s not you… don’t waste your money.

Authenticity is the foundation of personal style.

  • Your Friends Made You 

Unless your friends truly know your authentic style, and can direct you to clothes that are the truest representation of you, then don’t give into peer-pressure! I’m guilty of applying  the “Wow that looks incredible on you!” pressure on a friend, because what was tried on looked amazing. But if it’s not carefully curated to add to their ever-developing sense of style, it’ll be a waste of their money (and a regret that they’ll associate with you each time they see the dreaded thing in their closet.)

So, there you have it. Save yourself some money and long-term frustration, by saying NO to any piece that doesn’t add to your own, individual sense of style. Learning to carefully curate your wardrobe will lead to effortless mornings and endless options… even with a 40 hanger closet!


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